Attack on Government House

36 × 24 inches

Two days before the surrender of Pakistani troops, four MiG-21s airborne from Guwahati attacked the Government House at Dacca, then official residence of AM Malik, Head of the East Pakistan Government. Inside the building East Pakistan’s Cabinet had begun an emergency meeting to discuss the political measures to avoid the looming surrender of their army at Dacca. Exactly 55 minutes after the meeting began, 128 rockets fired by the MiG Formation hit the Government House with deadly precision. It turned out to be the last-ever meeting of the Cabinet. Governor AM Malik, survived the attack along with his Cabinet – but resigned on the spot. According to an UN official Mr. Malik said a small prayer, and then produced a small paper on which he wrote down his resignation with trembling hands. It seems the rocket attack had proved to be the proverbial last straw on the camel's back.  Among the burning ruins; the nervous system, as it were, of decision-making had been instantly destroyed.


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