Attack on Pakistani Airbase - Murid

36 × 24 inches

Within a week of commencing open hostilities between Indian and Pakistani forces in December 1971 IAF was able to achieve complete air superiority in the Eastern Sector. In the Western front Counter Air Missions against PAF bases also continued unabated. One such strike was carried out by pilots of 20 Squadron based at Pathankot. On 08 December 1971 four Hunters armed with only front guns and 2×230 gal + 2×100 gal tanks took off for PAF airbase Murid. This was a major fighter base of PAF in Punjab sector that the Pakistanis thought was out of range for Indian fighters. Hence when the Hunters pulled up over the base they were completely taken aback. Out in the open they saw F-86 Sabres possibly refueling and rearming after a raid in the Indian territory. Hunters had their pick and choose and made several passes destroying a four engine transport aircraft, five Sabres and possibly few MiG-19s.

Murid raid is considered as one of the most successful counter air attacks of the war. In the words of a Pakistani historian, “As it turned out, the December 8 IAF attack decimated approximately 30 per cent of the strength of 15 Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force”.


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