Sukhoi -7s in action - 1971 War

Sukhoi -7s in a "Search & Strike" mission in Chhamb sector in 1971 War
36 x 24 inches

This painting is about Sukhoi 7s carrying our "Search & Strike" missions in Chhamb sector in 1971 Indo-Pak War. The basic details based on which the painting was composed are as follows:-

  • Pak army advanced in Chhamb sector with massive build up of armour on 03 -05 December 1971 after heavy and intense artillery fire.
  • Indian Army formations in the area  were put on defensive and faced the brunt of the Pakistan Army onslaught. 
  • Su-7s based at Adampur and Hunters based in Pathankot provided air support with AD cover from MiG-21s.  It was difficult to provide close air support due to close intermingling of troops.So targets were picked up behind the enemy to slow down their build up and affect their supplies.
  • Once the troops were separated by river Munawar Tawi, IAF aircraft started picking up targets on Search & Strike missions at will.
  • Picking up targets on ground was difficult as they were well camouflaged blending with hay stacks and mango groves. 
  • Su-7s based in Amritsar attacked Pak Army targets in the Shakargarh bulge. 
  • The Su-7s based in Adampur flew with configuration of 2 x belly tanks+ 2X UB 16 R/P pods + 2x Wing tanks + FGs.
  • Ground fire including ack ack  was intense and quite a few Su-7s were lost to ground fire carrying out repeated attacks with rockets, bombs and finally guns. 
  • IAF action could blunt the Pak Army advance in the Chhamb sector decisively. 


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